I am sure you would agree it sucks to have to pay for a New Roof…..

Hey, hope this letter finds you well. I have written a note like this in the past
talking about how great my HVAC guy Lyle was and several of you now have
him as your trustworthy Heating and Air Conditioning guy.


This time its to educate you about what you need to look for if you have
damage to your roof and would unfortunately have to get it replaced like we
recently had to do. Plus I like to help other trustworthy small business owners.


A couple of weeks ago I looked out our master bath window to see some
shingles off from the high winds we had the previous week. So, I go
downstairs and tell Lynn about the roof. After I told her about the roof, I go into
the office to check the email and I surprisingly have an email from our lawn
service, Tee Time Lawn Care, letting me know that they can do a free roof
inspection with a new contracting service they now work with. Wow! I think
technology does have my house bugged. What timing is that right?


So I give TTLC a call and a younger lad Ryan (OEHS grad) came out and
looked at the roof the same day. After his inspection, which he did find more
damage that I could not see, he said we should call our insurance company to
get an adjuster out to look at it. The insurance adjuster came out and said we
needed a new roof based on what he assessed and discussed with Ryan and
his boss, Rob, who were also on site when the adjuster came.


OK. Let’s talk about why you need to call your insurance company and ask if
you have ACV or RCV coverage on your roof.


Whats the difference between ACV and RCV endorsement?

ACV is “Actual cash value,”, coverage on your roof instead of full
“replacement cost value,” or RCV. ... With ACV, your insurer pays to repair
or replace your roof, less your deductible and depreciation for the age and
type of roof.


Since our roof was right at the 15 year mark, our coverage went from RCV,
only having to pay our $1000 deductible for a roof replacement, to being
classified under ACV where we had to pay our deductible plus depreciation
for the age and type of roof. One of those “seriously, you’re kidding me”

moments”, As Lynn said that day “someone will always spend your money
for you”


Most of you now have a roofs that are 14-15 years old like ours was. I would
call your insurance rep and see what’s on your policy and ask if you can get
the endorsement RCV if you have ACV classification on your policy. It most
likely will increase your monthly premium a bit to go to RCV endorsement but
could prevent you from having to pay thousands extra if you do have to
replace your roof.


The rest of our story… we did go with the company Ryan works for TTLC out
of Plainfield to replace our roof. They did a great job working with us on cost
because they thought it really sucked that our roof was under ACV
endorsement. Ryan and Rob broke this stuff down in more layman terms for
us to understand versus our insurance company phone conversations. They
educated us on what to expect on construction day. (Tear off is very noisy and
make sure pictures on second floor are secure) The roof was on in 1 day with
an upgraded top of line architectural shingle that looks great compared to the
low end 3 ply shingle the builder had put on. Our house has more curb appeal


In the end, we found the positive in having to get this done. When we go to
sell our home in 8-9 years (once Alaina is graduated this dude and his Mrs.
Hjelle are outta here) from now we will not have to pay full price for a new roof
($14K) if a new buyer were to request the sale of the house is contingent on
us putting on a roof. .


Hope you found this note helpful and if you would like a Free inspection of
your roof I recommend you give Ryan at TTLC a call at: 630-401-9309 or
keep this in your household file for a future date.


23736 W. 119th Street

Plainfield, IL 60585


Give us a call 815-205-1500

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