Do Not Be Intimidated By Exterior Issues With Your Home. TTLC Inc. Is Here To Help

    Maintaining the exterior of your home and its structure can prevent more costly repairs in the future. From roofing, siding, and gutter repair, TTLC Inc is the convenient, one-call solution to all of your exterior home projects.

    Roof Repairs

    The lifespan of your roof could be between 20 to 30 years depending on the materials used. If you have not kept track of it or conduct regular inspections for signs of wear and tear, then it is time for repairs or replacement. Signs of roof damage include standing water on top of your roof, water leaks, water stains on your ceiling, mold growth, or missing or cracked shingles. If your home has an accessible attic, check to see if there is any sunlight filtering through or watermarks.

    Siding Repairs

    Siding does not just make your home look beautiful, but it also protects your home from the elements. But much like everything else, they do not last forever. If you are not sure whether you have to repair it yet, keep an eye out for the following signs: water damage, cracks on the surface, sagging paneling, bubbling or peeling exterior paint, or mold.

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    Gutter Repairs

    While gutters are only a small portion of your home, they are essential. Gutters help with preventing mold, rotting wood, leaks, bug infestations, and keeping water away. If your gutters have any cracks, are sagging or rusted, then it is time to repair or replace them.

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