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Batavia IL Roofing Company

If you value the safety of your home and your family, you know that keeping your roof in impeccable shape is important. The roof prevents pesky water intrusion from entering your Batavia home, as well as safeguarding the structural integrity of the house. Keeping up on necessary repairs and maintenance is crucial to its well-being. If your roof needs service, or it's simply been some time since you've had it checked out, you'll want to consider contacting a roofing company. TTLC, Inc. is the trusted roofing contractor in the greater Illinois area, and for over 15 years we've been providing the most high-quality roofing services around. Some of our work includes:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Various Roofing Types
  • Emergency Repairs

Quality Roof Replacement in Just One Day

Roofing does not last forever, and if it's been a few decades since you had yours replaced, you're due for a new roof installation. Luckily, the professionals at TTLC have been doing this work for years, and offer a streamlined process that gets you back in your home as quickly as possible. Our workers can outfit your home in as little as one day. With that level of work ethic, it's tough to trust any other company to do the job right.

Diverse Roofing Styles for Your Batavia Home

No home is the same, and as such, no roofing is either. At TTLC, we have an extensive list of roofing materials and style options that can be tailored to meet the needs of your Batavia home. Our impressive selection includes:

  • Asphalt Shingling: Our most popular option, these shingles offer fire resistance and impressive longevity.
  • Flat Roofing: If you have a historic home or a low-sloping roof, flat rubber roofing is a durable option that can likely last the lifespan of the home.
  • Composite Roofing: Mimic any style of roof with composite, our most premium option that drastically boosts your home's curb appeal.

24/7 Service with Insurance Claim Expertise

Our specialty is emergency roof repair coupled with insurance claim assistance. We know how stressful it can be to experience damage to your home. The last thing you'll want to worry about is dealing with insurance companies. TTLC takes on that burden and offers help in addition to our comprehensive roof work. We'll work directly with insurance to make sure that your roof repair gets the maximum coverage it deserves.

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Don't let roofing work go ignored! Whether you need a complete replacement or an emergency repair, TTLC has the styles you need for your Batavia home. When you get in contact with us today, we'll offer you a free inspection in addition to a quote, so that you can get your roofing project started right away. Call now!