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Addison IL Roofing Company

Every Addison homeowner knows that roofing is one of the most essential elements of their homes. It offers protection, keeping you and your family dry as well as preserving the structural integrity of the house. When roofing repairs and maintenance are ignored, you open up your home to water intrusion, which can easily wreak havoc. One of the best ways of keeping up with roofing maintenance is by enlisting the help of a trusted roofing company. TTLC, Inc. is the roofing contractor you can trust in the greater Illinois area. We've been around since 2005, offering top-notch workmanship and service. Some of the work we do includes:

  • Roof Replacements
  • Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Roofing Styles and Materials

New Roof Installation in Just One Day

At TTLC, we understand how frustrating it can be to have roofing work done on your home. It puts your house out of full commission for a while, and your yard is always full of materials, debris, and roofing crews. We accommodate this by having our expert professionals work as efficiently as possible. In just 24 hours, we can provide you with a roof installation or roof replacement. Our workers have been in this industry for years, and possess the tools and experience needed to do a first-rate job as quickly as possible. We'll leave your yard in perfect condition.

Quality Repairs as Soon as You Need Them

Our primary focus in Addison is being there for families when they need us most. We're the trusted experts for emergency roof repair. No matter the time or day, if you experience detrimental damage to your roof that needs immediate attention, we'll be there. Our 24/7 emergency roof repair service even comes with insurance claim assistance. We'll work directly with the company so that you don't have to, maximizing the coverage that you deserve.

Styles to Match Your Addison Home Aesthetic

Roofing can be a boring topic for homeowners, but with our diverse selection of material options, you'll start to get excited. We offer a whole range of styles that'll fit the needs of any Addison home, including:

  • Asphalt Roofing: Perfect for homes seeking a traditional shingled look.
  • Flat Roofing: Homes with low-sloping or flat roofs will benefit from the durability of a flat, rubber roof.
  • Composite Roofing: After a unique style or texture? Composite mimics any roofing material and is our most premium option.

Get Started with a Free Inspection Today

The first step in your roofing service is getting an inspection to determine the quality of your roof. When you contact TTLC today, we'll schedule an inspection at absolutely zero cost. Whether you need a roof replacement, emergency repair, or a nice style, we have what you need for your Addison home. Contact us today!