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After their roof has been badly damaged due to a storm, a fallen tree, or something else, homeowners usually call insurance companies for estimates. It may seem like the most obvious first step to take, but it’s not always in the best interest of the homeowners. Before you call your insurance company, consider calling a Plainfield IL roofer directly.

Roofing companies are used to working with insurance companies so they understand their processes for estimates. If you call the roofer beforehand, they can make sure that your insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you by denying your claim on the flimsiest of reasons.

Why Call A Plainfield IL Roofer To Help With Your Insurance

Do you despise filing insurance claims? If so, you’re not alone. Most people hate dealing with insurance claims. The whole process is painfully time-consuming and stress-inducing.

This is why a lot of homeowners call contractors who can deal with the insurance company on their behalf. A skilled Plainfield IL roofer who has experience with insurance companies can become a useful ally who can help you negotiate with insurance. They can also help you with the mountain of insurance paperwork! Here are a few reasons why talking to a Plainfield IL roofer before you call your insurance company is a very good idea.

Accurate Inspection

If you file a roof insurance claim, and don’t hire a contractor of your own, your insurance company is most likely to send in their own people. These people are known as insurance adjusters and it goes without saying that they are not roofing experts. They often miss deeper issues with the roof which only makes the situation worse for the homeowner.

By calling a Plainfield IL roofer to assess the damage, you will have an accurate and thorough inspection. A roofer doesn’t look for surface damage; they dive deeper to find the underlying issues. Once the roofer has inspected your roof, they can send a claim to your insurance company for a super accurate appraisal.

File the Claim On Your Behalf

Generally, the insurance claims process is time-consuming and confusing, leaving the insurance holder frustrated. When you call a Plainfield IL roofer to handle the claims process on your behalf, you can avoid the whole fiasco. Your roofer can send an estimate to your insurance company and negotiate the settlement, without you having to lift a finger.

Avoid paying A Hefty Premium

When you call your insurance company after your roof has been damaged, the company will send their insurance adjusters to inspect your roof. If they find that the damage is under your deductible amount, you will have to pay out of pocket. But what’s worse is, the insurance company will still consider it a claim.

If you call a Plainfield IL roofer first, you will be under no obligation to file an insurance claim unless necessary. An established roofer will always be upfront about the costs, and help you decide whether to call the insurance company or not. Transparency is key!

Give Tee Time Landscape & Construction A Call

Looking for a roofing advocate who can help with roof damage as well as insurance? Give us a call. Our technicians will visit your home – free of charge – to assess the damages and give you an estimate for repairs. We will also help you decide whether to proceed with an insurance claim.

If you decide to file a claim, we will guide you and handle the process on your behalf. Call us at 815.205.1500 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

Many homeowners – if not all – take their roofs for granted until a fallen tree, a storm, or pests make a mess of things. And when they are forced to get their roofs fixed, their homeowner’s insurance can make things trickier.

If your roof has sustained any kind of damage, you will want to file an insurance claim with your insurer so you don’t have to pay for the roofing repairs in Plainfield, IL out of your pocket.

But you may not know where to start. This is why we have created a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to file for the roofing repairs in Plainfield, IL claim.

4 Steps To File For An Insurance Claim For Roofing Repairs in Plainfield, IL

Insurance companies follow a strict set of rules when it comes to determining whether to approve or deny a claim. To ensure that your claim is not denied on the flimsiest of reasons, here’s what you need to do:

Determine what kind of roofing insurance coverage you have

As soon as you notice signs of roof damage, bring out your homeowner’s insurance policy and see what kind of roof coverage it has. Do you have roof replacement coverage or repair coverage? Not all roofing damage will be covered so this step is important. Keep in mind that your coverage depends on your policy, the cause of the damage, and your location. Don’t hesitate to request a copy of your policy from your insurance agent if you can’t find it.

Document the roof damage

Once you are absolutely certain that your roof damage is covered by your policy, the next step is to document the damage as thoroughly as possible. Take plenty of clear, good-quality pictures of the interior of your home (where signs of roof damage can be noticed) as well as the outside damage itself. If you have a ladder and you feel safe using it, climb it up to take pictures of your roof.

If you don’t want to do this yourself or the damage is in a not-easily-accessible part of the house, contact roofing repairs in Plainfield IL experts for an inspection.

Hire a trustworthy company for roofing repairs in Plainfield IL

Once your claim is submitted, find a roofing company that’s known for stellar and impressive work and also has experience with helping homeowners with their insurance claims. These professionals can accurately gauge the damage and compile a detailed report for your insurance company.

Many homeowners don’t realize that if they don’t hire a professional roofing contractor for inspection, their insurance company is most likely to send someone to inspect the damage on their behalf. And since this third-party company represents the insurance company, they may very well try to find any reason to deny the claim.

So, don’t give your insurance company a chance to do this to you. Hire an experienced roofing company that has experience in dealing with homeowners’ insurance claims on their clients’ behalf.

Contact Tee Time Landscape & Construction For Roofing Repairs in Plainfield, IL

If you need to get your roof repaired or replaced, and you want to file an insurance claim, Tee Time Landscape & Construction can help with that. Our team of skilled roofing technicians and legal experts has helped hundreds of homeowners get their claims approved while providing a fast turnaround on roof repairs and replacement projects.

Call us at 815.205.1500 or contact us online to have a chat today!

Thunderstorms are more frequent in Illinois than many people think. Regardless of how solid your roof seems, one storm can leave it damaged and unsafe for your family. If your roof has suffered considerable damage from such a storm, you might be wondering how to handle the Plainfield IL roof repair.

Maybe high winds have sheared off the roof deck and shingles, or hail has caused the roof to sag in places. Maybe a utility pole or a tree has fallen on your roof, leaving a big hole in it.

Whatever the damage, the first thing you need to do is realize that your roof is in an unstable condition so you and your family should stay out of your home unless it can be replaced.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your safety after a storm:

Conduct a Damage Assessment

After the storm has passed, assess your roof for damage – but only when you are 100% certain that it is safe to go outside. If you don’t know how to check your roof safely and efficiently, contact a Plainfield IL roof repair expert.

If you decide to check out the damages yourself, you’d better know what you are looking for. Roof damage caused by a storm is not always visible to the naked eye. The most obvious signs post-storm roof damage include:

  • peeling sealant
  • damaged shingles
  • broken flashing

It’s recommended to have a professional roofer come by your property to assess the damage thoroughly after a storm. This will reduce the risk to your safety if you fail to recognize some signs of damage.

Take Pictures

If your roof has been damaged after a storm, you will most likely need to file a roofing claim with your insurance company. To make sure your claim is approved, take high-quality pictures of the roof damage with your smartphone, before the Plainfield IL roof repair process starts. Retain the pictures and provide them when it’s time to put together a claims package.

File A Claim With Insurance Company

In a lot of cases, when an area is ravaged by a storm, unlicensed professionals start hounding the homeowners to hire them for repair services. You may be tempted to hire them due to their incredibly low rates, but remember, it can cost you a lot of money and grief in the long run.

The best way to handle this situation is to contact your insurance company first to file your claim. When it comes to Plainfield IL roof repair, you will have 1-2 years to file your claim after a storm. Contact your insurance agent if you have any questions about the claim.

Get A New Roof Within 30 Days With Plainfield IL Roof Repair

Once your claim is filed, you will need a skilled and trustworthy contractor to make your roof whole again. At Tee Time Landscape & Construction, we can get your roof repaired and safe faster. Our licensed and trained experts will inspect the interior of your house to ensure it is protected.

If you have a home insurance policy, our legal team can also make sure your claim is approved as quickly as possible. Contact us at 815.205.1500 or leave us a message online to schedule a consultation.

Putting a new roof over your home is a major project. No wonder so many homeowners are curious about how the whole process works. In this post, we are breaking down the roofing Plainfield, IL process, step-by-step, so you know what to expect from your contractor. When you have a clear idea of what the roofing process entails from start to finish, you will also be better placed to discuss your areas of concern with the contractor.

Roofing Plainfield, IL Delivery and Removal

On the day the roofing company starts working on your home, they will have all the necessary construction materials delivered to your home. This is also the time when the roofing crew will start to remove your old roof, including the old plywood underneath.

In order to install the new roof in a way that it lasts as long as possible, a good roofing Plainfield, IL company will methodically remove every last inch of the old roof, including shingles and felt paper. Only then the fresh and solid foundation can be laid for the new roof.

If during this process, the crew finds that your old roof plywood has some damage or rot, it will be completely torn out and replaced with a new version.

New Roofing Paper Installation

Once the crew has removed the old roofing and replaced the damaged plywood (if any), they can get started with laying down the brand new roofing paper or felt. If the roofers know what they are doing, they will install water and ice shields in the roofing valleys to add an extra layer of protection against the harsh weather elements.

If you have a chimney, extra water and ice shields will be installed around that area too because a chimney is highly prone to roof leaks. The next step is installing shingles, but the roof must be completely dry before that can be done.

Roofing Shingles Installation

Once the roof has dried off, the crew will install the roofing shingles you chose. After this is done, all of the roofing pipes and vents will be painted to match the color of the new shingles. This is an important step that adds an aesthetic appeal to your roof. Leaving the vents and pipes unpainted can stand out like a sore thumb in your street.


Every good roofing contractor performs a thorough cleanup at the site once the project is completed. After the crew is done with roof installation, they will do a final inspection of your home for any dirt and debris that may have accumulated during the process, including fallen nails and shingles. They will collect all the trash caused by the roofing installation process and make sure it is disposed correctly.

Call A Reliable Roofing Plainfield IL Company Today

Looking for locally available roofing Plainfield IL experts? At Tee Time Landscape & Construction, we are a team of licensed professionals who can handle all your roofing needs – installation, repair, replacement, and annual maintenance.

If you need help getting your roof replacement claim approved by your insurance company, we can help with that too. With our ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Call us at 815.205.1500 or drop a message online to book your consultation today!