Many homeowners – if not all – take their roofs for granted until a fallen tree, a storm, or pests make a mess of things. And when they are forced to get their roofs fixed, their homeowner’s insurance can make things trickier.

If your roof has sustained any kind of damage, you will want to file an insurance claim with your insurer so you don’t have to pay for the roofing repairs in Plainfield, IL out of your pocket.

But you may not know where to start. This is why we have created a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to file for the roofing repairs in Plainfield, IL claim.

4 Steps To File For An Insurance Claim For Roofing Repairs in Plainfield, IL

Insurance companies follow a strict set of rules when it comes to determining whether to approve or deny a claim. To ensure that your claim is not denied on the flimsiest of reasons, here’s what you need to do:

Determine what kind of roofing insurance coverage you have

As soon as you notice signs of roof damage, bring out your homeowner’s insurance policy and see what kind of roof coverage it has. Do you have roof replacement coverage or repair coverage? Not all roofing damage will be covered so this step is important. Keep in mind that your coverage depends on your policy, the cause of the damage, and your location. Don’t hesitate to request a copy of your policy from your insurance agent if you can’t find it.

Document the roof damage

Once you are absolutely certain that your roof damage is covered by your policy, the next step is to document the damage as thoroughly as possible. Take plenty of clear, good-quality pictures of the interior of your home (where signs of roof damage can be noticed) as well as the outside damage itself. If you have a ladder and you feel safe using it, climb it up to take pictures of your roof.

If you don’t want to do this yourself or the damage is in a not-easily-accessible part of the house, contact roofing repairs in Plainfield IL experts for an inspection.

Hire a trustworthy company for roofing repairs in Plainfield IL

Once your claim is submitted, find a roofing company that’s known for stellar and impressive work and also has experience with helping homeowners with their insurance claims. These professionals can accurately gauge the damage and compile a detailed report for your insurance company.

Many homeowners don’t realize that if they don’t hire a professional roofing contractor for inspection, their insurance company is most likely to send someone to inspect the damage on their behalf. And since this third-party company represents the insurance company, they may very well try to find any reason to deny the claim.

So, don’t give your insurance company a chance to do this to you. Hire an experienced roofing company that has experience in dealing with homeowners’ insurance claims on their clients’ behalf.

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