Replacing your roof is a critical decision. It goes without saying that you want to hire the best Plainfield IL roofer for the job. But how do you know what to look for?

Since roofs usually last 20-30 years, most homeowners only have to replace a roof once in their lifetime. If you have decided to get your roof replaced or renovated, here are a few tips that will help you choose a trustworthy and skilled Plainfield IL roofer.

Go Local

Choose a roofing company that is local, such as one based in Plainfield, IL. This means they will have an established business and reputation in your community.

In other words, you can actually check out how reputable the company is by talking to their previous customers. Also, in case something goes wrong with the roofing job, say, 5 years later down the line, you don’t want to find out that the company you hired has either moved or vanished.

Choose Experience Over Price

Would you sign up for heart surgery with a doctor fresh out of school? Forget about it! You probably wouldn’t even take your car to a mechanic who started on the job a couple of weeks ago!

So why would you pick a Plainfield IL roofer who doesn’t have a long track record of doing truly high quality work?

Don’t be tempted by a contractor who is offering you low rates; you’ll get what you pay for. If the roofer can’t give you a list of happy customers but they are happy to give you a bargain price, you are most likely to end up with a substandard roof job.

Check Out Their Insurance And License

Repairing, replacing, or even tuning up a roof is a dangerous job, which is why it’s always recommended to hire someone who has the experience as well as the right tools to do the job.

A committed Plainfield IL roofer will not have the requisite licenses and permits to do their job, but they will also have all the necessary insurance for their workers. So, in case someone gets hurt during your roof’s installation, they will be covered.

Check Out Their Past Work

Reputation is everything when it comes to businesses that provide a service. Ask the roofing company if they have a list of homeowners you can call, or you can simply go online and check out information about their previous jobs.

Look for reviews and ratings left by their previous customers on their own website, Google, Yelp, or other first-party review site. No company is going to have a 100% 5-star reviews – if they do, they are FAKE. However, most of the reviews should be positive.

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