Since a well-maintained roof can easily last 20 years (if not more), replacing your roof is something you’d do no more than a couple of times in your lifetime. This means when it comes to replacing or investing in your roofing Plainfield, IL, you want to do it right.

But with so many roofing companies in Plainfield, IL, how do you find the most reliable roofer who will do quality work? Well, read on to learn how you can choose the best roofing contractor in your city to ensure your money is well spent.

They Must Have Positive Customer Testimonials and References

Any reputable roofing Plainfield, IL will be happy to provide you with their previous customers’ references to support their claims. You should also check out their website or Google Business page to see what their customers have said about them. No contractor will have 100% 5 star reviews, but if most of the online reviews about them are negative, it’s clearly a red flag.

They Must Have Necessary Credentials

The roofing industry has specific standards in place to keep homeowners as well as contractors safe. Many people get confused when trying to understand the difference between a roofing Plainfield, IL contractor having a credential or a license.

A credential refers to certification from reputable issuing bodies (generally manufacturers). These certificates or credentials are awarded to roofing companies following successful completion of expert training.

It’s prudent to choose a roofing Plainfield, IL company that is credentialed because it shows they have the “competency” to do the job right, the first time. Having a license on the other hand simply means the contractor has permission to operate in a certain region.

They Must Be Licensed

A home’s roof is one of the most important parts of the whole structure, so it should be treated as such. When you are looking for a roofing or construction contractor, make sure they have all the necessary licenses according to where you live.

Plainfield, IL has certain local and federal licensing practices, and if the contractor can’t show you their license, hiring them to work on your roof might prove to be a costly mistake.

They Must Offer A Warranty

Whether it’s the roofing Plainfield, IL construction materials or the roof installation process itself, both should come with a clearly defined warranty. Choose a roofing company that offers a limited lifetime warranty on all the roofing projects they do – repair, materials, installation, maintenance, replacement, and labor.

A contractor who offers a warranty is essentially promising you quality work – this will put your mind at ease about the integrity of your roofing for decades to come.

Contact A Licensed & Trustworthy Roofing Plainfield, IL Company

The decision to have your roof replaced or renovated can seem overwhelming. You want to work with a contractor who you can trust, and who can make such a significant project straightforward and manageable.

At TTLC, our licensed, credentialed, and bonded contractors specialize in different types of roofing Plainfield, IL. We not only offer guaranteed quality work, but also promise a 30-day turnaround from claim to when your roof is completed. Call us at 815.205.1500 or complete this online contact form to set up a consultation.