No one ever plans for roof damage, and sometimes it is out of your control. When bad storms hit, you may find yourself facing damaged shingles, roof leaks, holes, or even a full collapsed roof. Learn about TTLC's Roof Insurance Claim Process: How To File A Storm Damage Claim

  1. Find out what your insurance covers
  2. Inspect the damage
  3. Contact your local, storm damage experts at TTLC Inc.
  4. How to file a storm damage roof claim
  5. Will filing a storm damage insurance claim cause my premium to go up?
  6. Meet with your adjuster
  7. Approved Claim
  8. Time for your new roof

In the case of roof damage, there is no time to waste. A damaged roof can lead to more significant problems that may require time, attention, and money to correct. If you are experiencing roof damage from storms in Plainfield, Naperville, or the surrounding areas, the time to seek help—and file an insurance claim—is now.

1. Find Out What Your Insurance Covers

As a large part of the structure of a home, the roof is included under dwelling coverage in most insurance policies. However, the extent to which it is covered will often depend on the insurance policy's exact specifications. Common homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for damage caused by:

  • Hail Damage
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Damage Caused By Falling Objects
  • Damage Caused By Weight Of Snow, Ice, or Sleet

It is essential to know that homeowners' insurance does not cover all natural disasters. As an example, damage caused by earthquakes and floods are not typically covered by homeowners insurance. You may be able to obtain separate coverage options to protect your home and belongings against those types of disasters.

Some policies do have wind and hail exclusives, so be sure your policy covers the most common forms of weather-related damage.

2. Inspect The Damage

It is essential to have a proper and thorough roof inspection when making an insurance claim for damages. Here are some methods to inspect your roof before one of our professional roofing inspectors at TTLC Inc arrives:

  • Walk around the exterior of your home. Inspect the roof for signs of physical damage – like broken or missing shingles. It can be difficult to detect damage from the ground. A pair of binoculars is beneficial for this.
  • Take a closer look at spots with signs of moss or algae. Moisture can build up within these areas and cause water damage underneath.
  • Look for missing, damaged, cracked, or aged shingles. Problems with shingles are the leading cause of roof damage. Missing or broken patches of shingles can cause water to enter your home.
  • Check shingles carefully to see if the granules are missing. If the granules on your shingles are missing, they may need to be replaced.
  • Look for any shingles that are curled, buckled, or warped. In hot weather, warm air in the attic can enter the ceiling and cause your shingles to buckle.
  • If possible, check your attic and look for signs of water seepage underneath the roof.
  • Another sign that your roof may have sustained damage is the conditions of your neighbors' roofs. If their roofs were damaged in the storm and are being repaired or replaced, then there is a chance the same storm impacted your roof.

3. Contact Your Local, Storm Damage Experts at TTLC Inc

Unless you are experienced working on a roof yourself, the safest way to inspect roof damage after a storm is to have a professional roofing company, like TTLC Inc, perform the inspection. Our expert team has the expertise and equipment to do the inspection safely and thoroughly. The sooner you contact a roofing contractor, the sooner you can initiate the claims process with your insurance company.

4. Roof Insurance Claim Process: How To File a Storm Damage Roof Claim

After our storm damage experts inspect your roof and verify that there is roof damage , it is time to file your claim. Make sure to include all information and evidence your insurance provider needs to accept a claim. Depending on your policy, it may be necessary to notify your insurance provider within a specific time after the damage is caused.

5. Will Filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim Cause My Premium To Go Up?

Filing a single claim will NOT cause your homeowner's premium to increase. Your homeowner's insurance premium is determined on many factors, such as geographical location of the home, age and construction of the house, potential risks in the area, and more.

Insurance companies are more concerned with how frequently your neighbors or people in your zip code file claims. If you live in an area that is consistently burglarized or prone to destructive storms, it may not matter if you have a clean claims history — if people around you do not, that may increase your premiums.

6. Meet With Your Adjuster

Your insurance provider will schedule an adjuster to inspect your roof. Schedule a time when your claim specialist can also attend this inspection. A contractor must be present with the insurance adjuster. Even the most experienced and thorough adjuster can miss something. Your claim specialist at TTLC Inc. will have completed a pre-inspection of your roof. They will ensure that all damage is identified to the adjuster. Having an experienced and professional company like TTLC Inc. represent you during the inspection will increase your claim value.

7. Approved Claim

Once your insurance claim is approved, TTLC Inc will go over the insurance coverage details with you. This is where the claims specialists at TTLC Inc. can help you understand everything the insurance company is covering.

At TTLC Inc, an expert will sit down with you to select the perfect roofing materials for your home, discuss financing options and warranty packages, and accommodate your schedule to find the ideal time to complete your new roof installation.

8. Time For Your New Roof

When you have received all the answers to your roofing and insurance questions, sign the contract with TTLC Inc. and have your roof replacement scheduled.

Did a Recent Storm Cause Roof Damage To Your Home?

If you are unsure or require a roof replacement, you need an expert who takes the time to thoroughly and accurately inspect your roof and work with your lifestyle and finances.

We bring trust and peace of mind to every TTLC Inc roof. Contact TTLC Inc at 815.205.1500 or visit us online to schedule a free storm damage roofing consultation.