After a hailstorm, wind storm, or other significant weather events, most homeowners acknowledge the need for a roof inspection to determine if their roof suffered damage. But drastic weather should not be the only time you consider your roof's health.

Repairing a roof can be the most expensive house repair an owner may face, with a full replacement ranging up to $10,000.

This means an inspection can be well the investment.

What to Expect From TTLC Inc's Professional Roof Inspection

Our roof inspector at TTLC Inc. will check for uneven roof planes and signs of sagging. Roofs with chimneys will be inspected during this time for cracks, crumbling grout, and damage to chimney caps.

Our roof inspector will be looking for loose, missing, curling shingles, stains, moss, and rust.

Our roof inspector will check interior ceilings, walls, and the attic for water stains, rot, mold, or other indications that water is making its way into your home due to a leaky roof.

Roofing Analysis

After the roofing inspection, the homeowner will receive a report about the roof's condition and what repairs are needed to keep the roof in good condition. Schedule repairs as soon as possible. The last thing a homeowner needs is worse roof damage.

Maintaining a New Roof

To ensure your new roof's long life, consider inspections every couple of years. Many factors can affect the condition of the roof. You may need to arrange your inspection to account for weather damage, sun directions, and insulation issues. You may even have one side of your roof to be more vulnerable than the other.

If you need your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced, contact TTLC Inc. today for a roofing inspection. Contact us to learn more about our quality roofing products and services and to schedule an appointment by calling 815.205.1500 or email